Through the support of our community, Potential Development has grown to become the local area's only non-profit charter school solely dedicated to serving students with autism.  From walking through the doors on their first day to walking across the stage to receive their diploma on commencement day, our students' journey includes top-notch educational and therapeutic services designed to help each of them receive their greatest potential.

"I am a Senior at Potential Development and look forward to graduating this year.  Potential Development has given me the confidence to believe in myself and to try different things. I enjoy playing the piano and drawing, which my teachers have always encouraged me to do.  After graduation, I would like to attend a technical college to further my education in graphic design."

"I would like to thank Potential Development and THANK YOU FOR BELIEVING IN ME AND THIS SCHOOL." 

  ~ Noah Himes, PD Student





2021 PD Promise Sponsors August 9

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